Terms & Conditions

Recreational Gymnastics Classes:

Once you sign up to gymnastics you are committed to the entire term, regardless of attendance.

All participants must purchase Gymnastics Australia membership and Insurance, cost is $65.00 (2020).  This fee covers insurance and membership for a calendar year.  This will be automatically added to your cart.  

Pricing is as listed on www.gymmatrix.com.au


Payment Options

Cash/Credit card (2.4% merchant fee added to transaction, Gym Matrix is subsidising the cost of this)/Cheque (Payable to Gym Matrix Pty Ltd)
Cash payments can be made with all payments to be received in an envelope with the child's name, amount and class time on front.   
Full term fees are payable even if your child does not attend.


Enrolments need to be completed through Thinksmart.  This allocates your child a place in the class, provides payments information, class location, times and dates.
Behaviour Management
In the interest of safety and fairness to other gymnast's there is a "3 warnings then a timeout system" in place. Parents will be informed should this occur. Continual disruptive behaviour may result in termination program with no refund.
If you have any concerns or issues with Gym Matrix or employees or other participants during the course of your involvement with Gym Matrix, please contact Owner/Coach Jen Kendell directly Ph: 0414 848 046.  Gym Matrix also has a Member Protection Information Officer, MPIO Helaina Smith, ph: 048 8344 885 should you prefer to direct your grievances to Helaina. 
Gymnastics Australia Membership & Registration

All members / participants of our programs are required to be members of Gymnastics Australia . This includes Gymnasts, Coaches and Judges. Registration is $65 (2020) for all Recreational Gymnastics Classes. Coaches’ / Judges’ registration is set by Gymnastics Australia and people required to pay these fees will be contacted in December each year with the next years fee schedule. The gymnast registration fee is included in your first term invoice. This fee covers registration and personal accident insurance with Gymnastics NSW / Gymnastics Australia, club membership fee and insures that the club you are part of is registered with Gymnastics Australia.
Hours of training
If gymnasts need to finish early or arrive late this does not entitle a discount on fees as all the club’s costs are the same regardless of gymnast leaving early/starting late or missing a session.
If your child misses two or more consecutive classes due to illness and you are able to provide the club with a medical certificate we may provide you with a credit note to the value of the missed classes.  This decision is at the discretion of the club.
Should a gymnast be injured during their lesson first aid will be administered. If the injury is deemed serious by the Coach, parents will be informed immediately.


Gym Matrix is insured by Marsh. Membership with Gymnastics NSW includes gymnast's insurance with Marsh. Further information on Marsh insurance can be found on their website

Missed Classes
Coach’s timetables are set for the school term and therefore we must pay coaches for every class they teach, regardless of the number of gymnasts that attend each session. Therefore if you / your child misses a class we are unable to provide you with a refund for any missed classes.
Pick up/Drop off
If you have made arrangements for your child to be collected by others, please let your Coach know.
Pre-Existing Injury/Condition
It is required all previous injuries and medical conditions be disclosed on the booking form. These matters will be dealt with in a confidential matter.

Non-attendance does not qualify for a refund or credit.
Refunds are not available.  Credit will be given at the discretion of the Manager and will require a valid and relevant medical certificate. Credit will be calculated to exclude any expenses incurred by the club on your behalf, which cannot be recovered.
Canceled Program/Removal of a Member
If the Club discontinues a program, withdraws a position or requests a member be removed from a program, the member’s account may be given a pro-rata adjusted credit or refund for the balance of fees.
Clothing and Merchandise
Gym Matrix uniform is ordered 2-3 times a year.  Details to be added. 

Privacy Policy
All reports and personal information will be handled in accordance with Gym Matrix's privacy policy. 


p: 0414 848 046

e: info@gymmatrix.com.au