Now you have enrolled...

Enrolment Process


Once you have selected your classes and paid a deposit Gym Matrix receives a notification. 


Gym Matrix confirms your booking and will generate an invoice for remaining fees via email. 

If using an Active Kids Voucher please present this at gymnastics to be given your $100 credit.  Unfortunately the enrolment system will not allow split payments and give an early bird discount.  If you are paying with the Sports Voucher the voucher number will be written into the notes section of your invoice but not deducted from your full amount until the remaining amount is paid.  The remaining amount will need to be paid in cash at gym.  


If not using the voucher the remaining amount is payable by cash, card or cheque.


If outstanding fees are finalised by end of 2nd week of gymnastics you will receive a 20% discount.  All fees must be finalised by end of week 5 of gymnastics term. 


Fees not paid by this date will receive a $20 late fee.  If you are experiencing financial difficulty please speak with Jen (Ph: 0414 848 046) at the earliest opportunity.

What you will need for gym


For gymnastics your child will need to wear suitable clothing, eg. for girls tights (footless), shorts, leotard, t-shirt/singlet top (able to be tucked in), a crop top under t'shirt or singlet recommended for older girls. Boys, singlet/t-shirt, shorts.  No denim pants or loose clothing please.  Long hair will need to be tied back.  Please bring a drink bottle full of water.  


Gym Matrix promotes a healthy lifestyle for all children.  Please ensure only water is in drink bottles and limit packing unhealthy treats.


Thank you for enrolling your child in a Gym Matrix program.  At Gym Matrix we take having fun very seriously!  Each week a varied, safe, accredited program is delivered.  Our coaches believe every lesson should not only be a gymnastics learning experience but a chance to make friends, improve coordination and also grow in confidence. 


p: 0414 848 046