Cost & Enrolment

How to Enrol

Gym Matrix uses an online portal Thinksmart to mange enrolments.  Families are able to enrol for classes and make online payments through this portal.   When enrolling, the software will automatically add the compulsory 2020 Gymnastics NSW membership, registration and insurance fee of $65 and a $30 deposit.  Please note a merchant fee of 2.4% is added to your transaction amount.  Once your enrolment has been received an invoice will be sent with the remaining amount.  To finalise your account you can either pay through the link on the invoice, use an active or creative voucher (please bring on the first day of gym), or by cash or card at gym. 

If you have credit it on your account it will need to be manually applied to your account after your deposit and insurance payment is made​. 

*** Any enrolments not completed through the portal will incur a $20 administration fee ***


If you would like to use the direct debit option through ezi-debit, please contact Jen at to arrange (fees: Bank account deductions $1.10 per bank account direct debit, Visa/Mastercard 2.7% per direct debit). 

Active & Creative Kids Voucher

We welcome the Active & Creative Kids Vouchers.  All school age children are entitled to a $100 voucher to use at approved after school sport providers.  To apply for your vouchers, head to Service NSW.  Then, enrol through our portal  - where you will pay the deposit and insurance, bring your voucher to gym to cover $100 of the invoice. 

To use your Active Kids Voucher please bring the details to gymnastics - please NOT by email / Facebook or text, there are just too many vouchers coming through and difficult to keep up with.  The remaining amount is to be paid at first class of the term.  

Follow the appropriate link to complete your enrolment.  If you are having trouble, please find instructions below. 

Gym Matrix families (previously enrolled with Gym Matrix):

Enrolment link

If it is the first time you are using the portal you may need to enter company code WDRXLA48

(if you have forgotten your password or don't have a password but previously enrolled with Gym Matrix please follow this link.

New Families:

Enrolment link

Portal Enrolment Instructions

Gym Matrix Families (previously enrolled with Gym Matrix):

1.  Click on the enrolment link Enrolment link.  Enter your email address and password.  If you don't know your password or have not get set a password, go to step 2.

If you have a password, enter your password and go to step 7. 

2.  No password - no problem!  Enter your email address and click "Forgot your password"

3. A box will pop up and allow you to enter your password and then confirm password.

4. Check your emails as a code will have been sent to you.  This code needs to be entered in the "enter code" box.

5. Now you have accessed your portal.  You will be directed to a page containing your personal details.  Please ensure this is information is correct.  Press "save". 

6. Read through the terms and conditions.  Please sign in the box. 

7. To make an enrolment, select "Classes" from menu down the right side.  If you are using a mobile, the menu can be found on the top left side of the screen (3 white horizontal lines). 

8. Select "Add Enrollments".

9. Select "School Term Rec Programs", press "Ok".

10. Select your child from the "Select a student" drop down menu.

11. As Gym Matrix operates out of four locations, easiest way to find your class is to filter your location.  Select "Add Filter". Select "Venue", press "Ok".   Choose your location, then press "Ok".

12. Here you will find all the classes for your location.  You will see the lesson format, day, time, cost and classes remaining.   Once you have found your class "Add to cart".  If this is the only class you need to purchase, view your cart "Yes".  If you have another child to enrol, "No".  If you have another child, scroll to the top and select your next child and repeat the process.  

13.  Once all selections have been made, view cart "yes". 

14. At the checkout, you will see the $30 deposit for each class selected.  Also added is the compulsory Gymnastics NSW Insurance, Membership and Registration fee of $65 (this is charged once in a calendar year only).  Note there is a 2.4% merchant fee added.   To finalise your payment "Pay with Credit Card".  Enter card details to complete.  This will pay only your deposit and insurance.

15. Your booking will come through to Gym Matrix within a couple of hours.  Once it has been accepted by Gym Matrix (this is a matter of checking your child is in the correct class for their age and the correct location has been selected) you will receive an invoice with the remaining amount.  

16. To finalise your invoice either, pay by credit card or cash at gym, pay through the link on your invoice or use your Active or Creative Kids voucher (to be brought to gym).

New Family Portal Instructions

1. Click on the Enrolment link.

2. Select your chosen venue from the "venue" drop down menu. 

3. Select your class by click on the class, a box showing class details will appear.  Ensure this is the correct class.

4. Press "add class".  If you have more than one child you wish to enrol, find class and "add class". Click "Continue to enrolment".

5. A Gym Matrix logo will apear, click "Continue"

6. Complete your (parent/care giver) details, click "Next".

7. Complete student details, click "Save".  If you wish to enter another child, add child. If not, click "Next". 

8. Select student and select their class, click "Add classes".

9. Scroll down and carefully read the Terms and Conditions and sign in the box. 

10. Continue to scroll down and select your preferences regarding emails from Gym Matrix and submit details. 

11. Check details on order summary.  If all correct, click "Pay" and complete payment details. 

12. For future enrolments, you will be able to use the link for existing Gym Matrix members, where you can set your password.  


p: 0414 848 046